Image of 'Siao Ting Tong' Tote

'Siao Ting Tong' Tote


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Available in 23 different designs:
01. Stylo Milo
02. Siao On
03. Jiak Gan Tang
04. Steady Pom Pipi
05. Chop Chop Curry Pok
06. Kan Cheong Spider
07. Kiasu
08. Huat ah
09. Pattern Zway Kway Badminton
10. Swee
11. Bo Zeng Hu
12. Bin Chow Chow
13. Siao Ting Tong
14. Loli Loh Soh
15. Bak Chew Tak Stamp
16. Blur Like Sotong
17. Win Already
18. Tam Jiak
19. Cheem
20. Bao Sua Bao Hai
21. Power
22. Toot
23. Yum Seng

Silkscreen on calico fabric.

Size dimensions:
40.5cm(h) x 35.5cm(w)
handle length - 59cm
Fits A4 documents, files or folders.

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