Image of Playground Pins : Baby Dragon

Playground Pins : Baby Dragon


All prices are in Singapore dollars, SGD$.

Fashioned after Singapore's Iconic old school mosaic playgrounds. (circa 1970/1980).

The playground was our school, our imagination, our friend; life lessons were learnt through bruises gathered from knocking against colourful mosaic tiles, by scraping our knees falling on gritty sandpits, the feeling of sand between our toes.

Pins available in 7 designs:
• Pineapple - 3.7cm(h) X 2.1cm(w)
• Dragon – 2.8cm(h) X 4.5cm(w)
• Elephant – 2.8cm(h) X 4.5cm(w)
• Pelican – 3cm(h) X 3.5cm(w)
• Watermelon – 2cm(h) X 4cm(w)
• Dove - 3.3cm(h) X 3.3cm(w)
• Baby dragon - 3.6cm(h) X 2.8cm(w)

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