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Lullatone - Soundtracks for everyday adventures CD


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Tracklistings (15 tracks):
1. Growing up 03:16
2. A runaway kite 01:56
3. Going to buy some strawberries 01:29
4. An inherited record collection 01:18
5. Finding a leaf in your girlfriend's hair 02:14
6. An older couple holding hands 02:09
7. Checking things off of a to-do list early in the morning 02:42
8. Riding a bike down a big hill and taking your feet off of the pedals 02:30
9. The best paper airplane ever 02:40
10. A picture of your grandparents when they were young 03:02
11. Little things swimming under a microscope 02:19
12. Clapping contest 01:12
13. The kind of song you make up in your head when you are bored 01:19
14. Brass practice 03:23
15. Listening to raindrops knocking on a window 03:10

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